The Amberfield Care Centre


Within our Care Centre we have four distinct levels that offer privacy or community to our residents with varying degrees of independence and duration of stay. Each area has its own beautiful gardens, dining rooms and relaxing lounge areas. Please read below to learn more about our levels of care. A full compliment of professional nursing staff work in shifts and are available 24/7. The nursing staff are supported by a team of Caregivers and Housekeepers. The Care Centre is open to the public and not limited to residents of Amberfield Retirement Village.

Independent Living

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This wing is the newest addition to our care centre and offers large, en-suite rooms for the highly independent residents that generally move freely around with full autonomy and require very little care and support in their day-to-day tasks. The rooms are serviced daily and help is on hand if needed. This has a private dining room where all meals are provided, separate entrance and private gardens.

Assisted Living

Surrounding our central nursing station are both single, double and en-suite rooms that form our Assisted Living area. Residents that occupy these rooms generally require a higher level of care and support but still have good mobility and independence. This includes a lovely large lounge with fireplace where the community can meet to socialize or tackle their favourite hobbies.

Frail Care

Our newly renovated dorm style rooms called The Rose Room and The Protea Room are home to residents that require more advanced levels of care and observation. These residents are generally not very mobile and are dependent on full time care.

Respite Care

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Our Care Centre offers temporary rooms that are available and fully staffed for residents that have a temporary need for care and additional support. This includes rest periods for recovery from illness or surgery or for the elderly when their primary caregiver requires a short break.  

Safe and Accessible

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We take every precaution to ensure our residents live in a minimal risk environment. Our centre is fully equipped and maintained to ensure safety and accessibility for all. Residents are given an electronic service bell that they carry with them and use when needed.

Things To Do

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We take a holistic approach ensuring our residents have access to emotional and mental stimulation along with their physical care. We have weekly activities scheduled in advance, which are always fun for residents and they get to learn new things. View our galleries on the About page to see some of the past activities and entertainment events.

External services

Nursing Care

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Professional nursing staff are on duty 24/7 in our care centre. They are well-trained in geriatric care and ensure that all the residents medical needs are taken care of. Our nurses are trained to promote the overall well-being of our residents and encourage their general participation and interaction with daily activities.   

Home Care

Our Cottage Sister oversees the care of residents in their cottages Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm. This includes doing minor testing, observations, wound care and medication management. Emergencies are attended to by the Cottage Sister or nursing staff on duty.

Our service provider on site offers Home Care services to cottage residents who require extra support in their home. Such services include assistance with daily tasks like bathing, making the bed, etc. They also offering cleaning and laundry services.

These services are non-intrusive and allow you to continue living your life independently in your home with the added benefit of access to assistance when needed.


The Amberfield Catering department prepare and serve delicious fresh meals to our care centre residents and cottage residents. Proper nutrition for our residents is a top priority and we ensure that all dietary requirements are accommodated. Birthday cakes and special occasion meals/snacks can be provided on request.


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All resident’s rooms and common areas are attended to regularly by our outsourced housekeeping team. We hold them to maintain a high standard and management ensures that residents are satisfied with the service provided.  

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